Carol Melmoux exhibits at the Crous Gallery!

Soon the last day!

After visiting the magnificent photo exhibition of Lucien Clergue at the Trigano gallery, I invite you to cross the street to discover the work of Carol Melmoux at 11 rue des beaux arts... For her, "the painting is written like a diary, it is elaborated like a meditation, it follows us as a companion, like a mirror of the intertwining of our being and of our link with reality. It is a never-ending path where, if we get lost, we find, without knowing it, what we were missing in order to share it with others. Her experience as a dancer can be felt in the importance she gives to movement and the musicality of painting... A former student of literature, her attachment to poetry can be seen in her pictorial work... Carol is an artist who perfectly represents transversality. She nourishes and enriches the artist's world. She has an extra string to her bow.

She has studied with master engravers the technique found in the history of French arts and crafts. All these worlds feed her universe and her inspiration!