With the idea of linking art, fashion and know-how, the association 4 couleurs joins Incidence Chorégraphique to support the ballet CIEL ET TERRE which takes place in New Delhi on 8, 9 and 10 January 2015. By bringing together the last French silk company from Lyon, MARC ROZIER, the custom designer Claire CHATAIGNIER, the choreographer Rukmini CHATTERJEE and the star dancer Bruno BOUCHER.

The first performance in France of the ballet CIEL ET TERRE will take place on 7 February 2015 at the theatre in Sens.

"Heaven and Earth

Design and art direction: Rukmini Chatterjee
Co-creation with: Incidence Chorégraphique
Artistic Director: Bruno Bouché

Heaven and Earth aims to bring together the profane and the sacred in the world of Tango, classical ballet and Bharata natyam. The exploration of the notion of desire and passion arising from the vibrations that surround us today, blending elements of completely different cultures, mental and spiritual landscapes to create a powerful dimension that mirrors our times, is an essential aspect of this performance.