Éléonore de Staël creates a fragrance for Ode Annecy

Meet Éléonore de Staël, a perfumer and designer working with Ode Annecy, who specialise in diffusers and home fragrances.

For our concert "La symphonie de l'eau", Éléonore had specially composed a perfume to be diffused in the Salle Pleyel during the concert.

This fragrance, at once aquatic, transparent and woody, evoked the serene, inspiring atmosphere of Lake Annecy in summer, when the water glistened softly in the sunlight and a gentle breeze carried the promise of a suspended moment.

Dominated by notes of fresh mint, driven by woody nuances and a hint of smoke, this olfactory creation incorporates a local ingredient, Swiss sage, for an authentic, refined touch.


Ode Annecy fragrances are the result of the exclusive expertise of the talented Éléonore de Staël, who captures the beauty, emotion and majesty of Annecy.

They combine natural ingredients and other unique components thanks to the recognised expertise of Rémi Pulvérail and the teams at the Atelier français des matières.

Ode Annecy wanted to capture and share the magic of Annecy, its lake and its mountains. They have created a range of home fragrances that inspire, are inspired, breathed in... like a symbol.

Their perfumes are created and produced to order in Haute-Savoie, according to the rules of the art of Haute Parfumerie. They are unique, embodying our region and the feelings it inspires.

A drop of water from Lake Annecy, renowned for its purity, has been added to this composition. The water is taken directly from the bottom of the lake by a snorkeller so as not to disturb the natural balance of the area, symbolising our commitment to preserving this vital resource.