Léon de Nervo designs the "Flot" pair of sneakers for "La symphonie de l'eau".

In collaboration with Baron Papillon

At just 21, Léon de Nervo is an illustrator and fashion designer. He made his debut with the erEvan brand and then as a textile designer with Coton Doux, as part of his studies at the Atelier Chardon Savard. His passion for Japan is reflected in his designs.

Léon took care of the stage outfits for the artists. In partnership with the luxury sneaker brand Baron Papillon, Léon also designed a pair of shoes for each musician on the theme of the concert.

Parisian at heart, made on the banks of the Loire, Baron Papillon sneakers combine traditional craftsmanship and technical innovation with a sensitive, creative aesthetic. Aware of the ecological challenges of sustainable production, Baron Papillon has chosen French know-how to create exceptional sneakers.

Recognisable by their orange soles and Place de l'Etoile footprint, Baron Papillon was founded by Eric Lemaitre in 2013. Combining the design of its TM180 velcro strap and the secret alchemy of a herbal sole that allows its sneakers to be worn barefoot, the brand has favoured an eco-responsible circuit since 2018 by offering genuine made-in-France manufacturing to reduce its environmental impact and support local know-how. The choice of high-quality natural materials, such as French linen, Italian leathers and organic cotton, is the brand's guarantee of solidity and comfort. Embossed with the crowned butterfly, the Baron Papillon sneakers are assembled with precision and offer the refinement of authentic craftsmanship.