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The fashion fairy godmother

Cécile Boyer

As ambassadors for Claire Châtaignier, the creator of her eponymous brand, Delphine Garnier and I have had the opportunity to discuss the values of French craftsmanship and design on several occasions.

The association Quatre couleurs quickly seduced me by the very positive, passionate and altruistic state of mind of its president Delphine Garnier. She is a beautiful person, very caring, devoted in a way that one rarely meets. I felt totally in tune with her ethics, especially on the subject of the conservation of crafts and its independent structures. On the occasion of the exhibition ITINERANCEDelphine integrated our hostesses with model profiles to welcome and serve the guests.

Since then, we have continued to maintain good business relations with all the talents present at this event, such as Maison Vaincourt, the Couson brothers, Betty Nu Food, Julien Couson, Claire Chataigner ... And so many others such as the introduction to the talented Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi and Joseph Frédéric for his beautiful book "Luxe et passions" ... to name but a few! For a few months now, I have been developing a new model agency in Paris, "C Models", and Delphine is always at my side to advise me and provide me with her expertise in the fashion and luxury sector. She creates synergies with complementary actors to our activity in order to envisage future collaborations; the latest is the talented French creator and designer of jewellery and resin accessories, Luc Kieffer.

The future holds great artistic opportunities...


Ladies' suit

Claire Châtaigner

"Claire Châtaigner, a semi and haute mesure tailor, has been highlighted on several occasions by its ambassador Delphine Garnier and the Quatre Couleurs Association. These include the Bridal Fair and the plays "Scènes d'été pour jeunes gens en maillot de bain" and "Victoire".

These experiences have enabled the house to extend its influence and the arts to play a transversal role, as advocated by the Association Quatre Couleurs and the Maison Claire Châtaigner.

Thank you very much Delphine for this action combining art and craft which honours us.