The shoes...

Co-founders of Chamberlan

Sophie Engster & Franck le Franc

"By producing only what our customers want, we avoid senseless overproduction that consumes capital and resources".

At the crossroads between craftsmanship and innovation, La Maison Chamberlan is the artisanal company of the future. By combining the know-how of our craftsmen with the latest technologies, we allow women to order the pair of their dreams. A pair that is entirely personalised, produced on demand, in standard sizes or, to top it all off, to the measurements of their feet, thanks to the use of our smartphone application for taking measurements.

We have developed a patented mobile application that allows our customers to take their measurements directly via their smartphone. No need to travel. No appointments to schedule. Day or night, from Paris to Shanghai, measurements can be taken in just a few minutes. Our customers are guided to take 6 photographs of their feet so that we can extract all the measurements required. Our fitter can then create shapes that are perfectly adapted to the morphology of each of our customers' feet.

When we set up our factory in the heart of the Périgord Vert, we were faced with recruitment difficulties and discovered that the industry was in danger, having been deserted for too long by those involved in training. We went on a real tour of France and met passionate craftsmen, some of them retired, who didn't hesitate to accompany us on our wonderful adventure.

This excellent craftsmanship gives our shoes the extra soul of exceptional items.