Bruno Moinard

"Would my path have been the same if I hadn't met so many nice people?

This is how this adventure began with Delphine Garnier and Éric Provent, a real feeling, a desire to carry out a project together, which led to the birth of this exhibition ITINERANCE.

We found ourselves around the love of beautiful things, of the real, of the authentic, of know-how, but also and above all around people with heart and passion.


Composer, author, pianist, conductor

Laurent Couson

"Together with my partner Charles Schillings, we are happy to accompany Delphine Garnier's unifying energy in music.

Like the association 4 couleurs, we like to mix genres, and the meeting of classical music and electronic music has more than ever its place in cultural life. We are delighted to participate in the exhibition event ITINERANCE by the creator Bruno Moinard, which is also part of this desire to share.



Ulrik Poniatowski

It was in December 2009, during my first painting exhibition at the 130 Club, rue de Rivoli in Paris, that I had the pleasure of meeting Delphine Garnier, president of the association 4 couleurs. Filled with good intentions and with a very positive mentality, the contact between us was immediate. Delphine then followed and supported me throughout my young career. She is a passionate person, deeply altruistic, full of good intentions and completely selfless.

Via the association 4 couleurs, her fight consists in promoting and defending the craft knowledge as well as the independent creators but also in putting them in relation in order to give magnitude to her movement and to create synergies between these various actors of the world of art, fashion and craft. It is in this position that Delphine introduced me to the gallery owner Etienne de Causans so that we could have an exhibition together and my paintings could be put forward in a very beautiful place ideally located (crossing rue de seine / rue des beaux arts in St Germain). She accompanied me from the beginning to the end of the event. From the presentation with the gallery owner, to the design of the invitation card, to the organisation of the buffet, the installation of the paintings, the communication of the event, the invitations to all her network, the advance payment of the expenses, her presence when I was not at the gallery to receive the visitors, to the repacking of the paintings and the follow up of potential buyers, Delphine was by my side on all fronts in order to support me and to guarantee the success of the operation The result of the exhibition: 6 paintings sold, 250 people present at the opening, and so far my greatest success as a painter.

Delphine also introduced me to a number of high-quality contacts, notably Eric Provent, a character as romantic as he is charismatic, head of the Marc Rozier company, one of the last silk manufacturers in France to work for prestigious fashion groups. Her idea, which is still relevant today, is to design, in collaboration with Marc Rozier, silk squares with my patterns. With time Delphine has become a very close and precious friend. The association 4 couleurs is also precious. Helping many people, like me, to accomplish unique projects that have a very positive impact on the career and notoriety of those who benefit from them. From the bottom of my heart, I wish Delphine and her association 4 couleurs a long life and countless successes. And I would like to thank her once again for all the help I have received from her. Some things are priceless: manual work, creation, inspiration, innovation, survival of know-how, survival of craftsmanship...

Well, in my opinion, we can add Delphine Garnier and the association 4 couleurs to this list. Both a refuge and a fortress, it is with closed eyes that we can trust her.



Célimène Daudet

"What a pleasure it was to meet Delphine Garnier! Her energy and enthusiasm are rare and infectious.

A huge thank you to the association 4 couleurs for so generously supporting the Haiti Piano Project, an artistic project whose objectives are sharing through music and promoting cultural diversity. I am happy to take part in this musical event, the "Itinerances" exhibition by Bruno Moinard, whose taste for travel and elsewhere I share...



Arianne Carletti

"A big thank you to the Association Quatre Couleurs for being involved in the creation of the play SCENE D'ETE POUR JEUNES GENS EN MAILLOTS DE BAIN. Delphine Garnier designed the costumes. She made a point of choosing French designers, in particular the talented Claire Chataigner who made most of the costumes in her Paris workshop.

Artist Painter

Sophie Simonet

"Dance moves me, the themes it inspires touch me and feed my painting. My meeting with Delphine Garnier and her association 4 couleurs was a wonderful opportunity to create this transversal link between dance and the works of other artists on this theme, such as the painter Laventry Bruni, a reference in this field, during the Choreography exhibition.

It was also a rare opportunity to take part in a group exhibition "14 regards de femmes en Liberté" which focuses on the trans-generational link by inviting my mother, a sculptor, and my daughters, painters and musicians for one of them. A beautiful encounter."


Author, Director, Performer of the play " Vic...toire ! " at the Théâtre Montmartre Galabru from March 18th 2016 at 21H30

Virginie Kartner

"I like the fact that the different artistic universes come together and thanks to Delphine Garnier, president of the Association 4 Couleurs, I became aware that craftsmen and artists had the same need for exchange and enrichment.

Delphine took note of my subject and my needs and put me in touch with the craftsmen she defends, advocating the 100% made in France. Thanks to her, I was able to discover and appreciate the universe of these quality craftsmen: Elise Anderegg, Claire Chataigner, Lavabre-Cadet and La Maison Vaincourt. These fashion designers, with whom I am delighted to work today, take part in my creation and I integrate them into my subject in such a way as to highlight them while withdrawing a great satisafaction. Artists and craftsmen, we have this particularity in common: we do not count our hours and give our maximum to reach our public.

Delphine knows this and her association is at our side to help us communicate with each other and with our audience.



Christophe Botti

"For Summer scenes for young people in swimming costumesThe show's producer, Ariane Carletti, put me in touch with the Quatre Couleurs association. With Delphine Garnier, we went to meet several French designers and brands.

These were magical exchanges because each actor was able to choose his outfit (male or female swimming costumes, dresses, polo shirts, etc.) and compose his character in collaboration with the designers. We were able to create a strong visual identity that combined my text, the set design and French know-how.


"Thank you to the association 4 couleurs for the human adventure during the exhibition 14 regards de femmes en liberté which was also the fruit of a precious encounter, that of a man who supports my research work at the National Garden of Belgium. This will lead to an exhibition in the greenhouses in September 2019.

Attracted by life in general, its origins and the traces it leaves in the course of time, I experiment with things through stone, plaster and clay. The geological history of these materials, already poetic in itself, feeds my work. In recent years, I have deepened my study of plants by developing a Herbarium in Motion. Based on morphological studies, it allows me to immerse myself in forms, dynamics and structures.

The love of water and the oceans also guides my research. My passion for ceramics stems from this. I dream of creating pieces that work with water and the sun, outside in the hollow of gardens.

But the main driving force behind all these projects are the children. It is vital for me to share with them the discoveries made in the workshop, which is why I am delighted to be involved in the launch of the arts and crafts week with the 4 colours association.



Marine Coutelas


Gwendoline Finaz de Villaine

"I would like to thank the Association Quatre Couleurs, and first and foremost Delphine Garnier, for their exceptional help with the publication of my novel De Poudre, de Cendre et d'Or (French Pulp) in January 2019.

Delphine introduced me to a panel of very talented artists and artisans, who supported the promotion of the book, at a memorable launch event held at Misia Sert's Place de la Concorde in Paris. This event was made possible thanks to the generous support of Marc Osmont d'Amilly, Eric Blanqui, Luc Kieffer, Thibierge, Géraldine Venant-Mouroux, Charlotte Barrault, Xavier Lafitte, Anna Marchlewska, Donia Allegue, the star Amandine Albisson, Barnabé Moinard, Julien Couson, Claire Chataigner, Eymeric François, Eric Provent and Maître Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr... With more than 150 guests, this "Maharajahs" ball hosted an auction of creations drawn from the book's imagination (paintings, necklaces and book covers), making this timeless interlude one of the most beautiful Parisian evenings, according to the witnesses present, where artists, socialites, muses and aesthetes of all kinds rubbed shoulders, brought together by a taste for beauty and the desire to defend French art and craftsmanship.

Delphine managed the entire process of organising the event upstream, with uncommon mastery, from canvassing for sponsors to setting up the evening, from writing the press kit, the buffets, the meticulous production of the invitations to the follow-ups, she orchestrated everything with a master's hand, and was present a month later at my side, at the Paris Book Fair, to present my book to the public. In her own way, this exceptional woman rehabilitates the great tradition of French patrons.

What a joy for a writer to see the heroes of his book appear in his Parisian reality, not to mention the guests at the shimmering ball in Jaipur! For an evening, we were the heroes of our own lives, heralds of a timeless, eternal Paris, adventurers, travellers, real augmented realities of ourselves... Delphine and the Quatre Couleurs association recognised our desire to defend the transversality between the arts, the resonance between painting, crafts, music and writing, convinced that it is imperative to break down barriers and prejudices, and to make possible synergies between the creative worlds.

At Quatre Couleurs, painting becomes romance, music becomes writing, dance parades along the Seine, and a designer poses for an oil portrait in full regalia. Through her association, Delphine not only makes art visible, she also makes it generous and meaningful. She creates a common grammar between the artists and brings them into dialogue with each other, through remarkable events such as the Maharajahs evening on 11 February 2019.

Quatre Couleurs supports the creative, the daring, with a very sure taste, of course, but above all with an infallible sense of ethics, which for me is its most beautiful quality. So thank you all for this wonderful adventure, I am proud and happy to be part of the Quatre Couleurs family under the aegis of Delphine, and to prepare with her new surprises to come... "



House Vaincourt

"At the end of 2015, together with the Association Quatre Couleurs, we organised an exhibition by the painter Jean-Paul Marcheschi. This enabled us to reach a public of art lovers who were happy to discover, on this occasion, our collection, whose success is based on creation and the excellence of traditional craftsmanship."

Elisabeth Schmitt, former owner of Maison Vaincourt.


Claire Chataignier

"The association quatre couleurs highlights the synergy between artisans and artists. The Parisian Haute Mesure house Claire Châtaigner supported its projects by making pieces for the film "Les Parisiennes", Bruno Moinard for his "itinerant" vernissage at the Diane de Polignac gallery, and the hostesses' outfits. La Maison also supported the association's activities by lending pieces for the ballet by Nina Barbe and for a photoshoot with prima ballerina Amandine Albisson. These were great moments for the association, which we were delighted to share together.

Claire Chataignier has also dressed Delphine Garnier, the House's president and ambassador, on several occasions. Her exacting standards and elegance are a faithful reflection of her sincere and profound commitment to the values she defends.