Studies by a draughtsman

"The question Jean-Baptiste Stienne has been asking himself since childhood is "How do you draw well? Noticed in numerous competitions during his youth, he decided to make drawing his profession by entering the Paris School of Architecture. Fascinated by Violet Leduc's line drawings, Jean-Baptiste studied them at length to make them his own.

An evening at the Hunting and Nature Club to celebrate the publication of the book "Études d'un dessinateur".We wanted to bring together a number of talented artists to create a beautiful and exciting way to showcase their work. demonstrating and applying the drawing techniques described by Jean-Baptiste Stienne in his book.
Jean-Baptiste Stienne, an architect by training, would like to share his practice and his inspirations with us.
in order to demonstrate to us, through his ancestral approach, all forms of accessibility to drawing.

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Solo concert by Yury Revich at the book launch party.