On 4 April 2019 the Quatre Couleurs association is holding a photoshoot with photographer Adrien Perreau and Étoile Amandine Albisson.

Amandine wore a strapless silk tulle dress by designer Eymeric Françcois, leather gloves by Agnelle, a patent leather belt by Vaincourt and Chamberlan shoes.

Amandine is wearing a woollen coat by bespoke designer Claire Chataigner, striped plant resin earrings by Luc Kieffer, a cap by milliner Blanche Abel and slippers by Chatelles.

Quatre Couleurs ambassador Amandine Albisson is wearing an Eymeric François haute couture dress, plant resin bracelets by Luc Kieffer and Chamberlan shoes.

LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS - photo styling

Shooting of Amandine Albisson, ambassador for Quatre Couleurs, in Eymeric François couture dresses for French red.