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The alchemist craftsman

Luc Kieffer

"I was lucky enough to meet Delphine Garnier at a meeting of highly qualified master craftsmen, such as silk, goldsmiths, jewellers, ready-to-wear and decorators.

Very quickly, the Quatre Couleurs association created a very creative sympathy movement around various exhibitions. It is so pleasant to work with a director as passionate and dynamic as Delphine Garnier.

His fight to defend French craftsmanship but also creation, art and design is a passion that I have always defended.

I am very happy to share this desire with the Quatre Couleurs association, which is predominant and now indispensable in the world of artists.

Paper designer

Emeric Thibierge

"By imagining what could be the notebook of Steve Jobs or Karl Lagerfeld, I created the Thibierge Notebook. Contemporary, intuitive, design and dare I say it, intelligent. A notebook of its time".

« J’ai rencontré Delphine Garnier pour mon plus grand plaisir. Elle se met en 4 (- couleurs) pour nous aider dans l’accomplissement de notre métier. Elle nous aide à porter nos projets en croisant les personnalités et les savoir-faire pour des rencontres fructueuses.

Du grand art !

Très vite l’association nous a aidé à multiplier les rencontres – avec le calligraphe Stéphane Trillaud, ou encore l’alchimiste du bijou Luc Kieffer. Découvrir d’autres talents qui ne demandent qu’à se croiser pour engendrer d’autres créations.

Quelle belle association !»


Stéphane Trillaud

All invitations to the opening will be calligraphied by a master calligrapher, Stéphane Trillaud. Captivated by the alchemy of colours and textures, he spent his Wednesday mornings from the age of 7 onwards at the School of Decorative Arts in Blois until the age of 13. More attracted by lettering, logos and graphic design, he abandoned figurative drawing to devote himself to the study of signs and symbols.

Caught up in his love of writing, he gradually turned to Latin calligraphy at the end of the 90s, first for his own pleasure, then to train as a master calligrapher. He has been teaching for 3 years and started his own business in 2013.