"The Virtues

There is no path to the light, the Path is the Light...

"The virtues have thus been formulated by the artist, like landmarks required to follow such a path, among countless others: peace, generosity, love, wisdom, justice, goodness, abundance, the golden age, etc. These virtues thus celebrate the harmony necessary for the peaceful life of men. Jean Tertrain There are 10 tondo subjects of the same size on purpose, a round format, in homage to the mother's womb which are proposed in this exhibition. Marie-Elise has chosen for the motif a large, full and nourishing 120 cm round, hand-cut Arches vellum 400grs, a solid and powerful paper that resists impasto, water and collage.

After 31 years devoted to the sky and its inhabitants in dry pastel, she agreed to entrust the world with a different vision of Light, its power and its vocation to keep us upright. It is decorative painting that has imposed itself on her, in the sense that it speaks to all without condition of culture. She also embroidered a lot and in large formats of characters, angels in real size and it is them that led her to find the way to paint the relief and the change of colours according to the position of the spectator and the lighting.

A living and surprising object in a way. A painting with drawers... She hopes to contribute to a poetic emotion in the decorative art with regard to the variations and discoveries of the development of the motives, to this sensitive way of seizing us and letting us embrace surreptitiously... And to make you melt with happiness.