Emeric Thibierge, Maison Thibierge

He presents his latest creation: Le Carnet Thibierge, a real mobile notebook, rechargeable and customizable. It fits easily into a jacket pocket or small bag. It contains 192 pages of writing paper the lightest in the worldmade of flax fibre, the material environmentally friendly par excellence. Its patented magnetic binding allows you to personalise the contents of your notebook by choosing two refills. Personal notes, business notes, to-do lists, diaries or sketches, to create the notebook that suits you. Thibierge Paris has developed a exclusive application which allows you to scan your notes, sketches or diary very simply. The app takes care of everything: reading the printed digital code, framing the page and automatically sorting by page number. 


The Quatre Couleurs Association presents the Parade black & white. A real paradox! The four colours are said to be primary to compose the spectrum. Black and white have a timeless sophistication that plays on an infinite number of effects. Thibierge has produced its black and white notebooks in ultra gloss lacquer with an extremely sensual feel, and the black in deep, velvety matt.