"Carnet de Visage" vol. 2 at the Printemps gallery in La Rochelle

After an initial exhibition at 55 Eyrolles bookshop in Paris, Jika is returning to the Printemps gallery in La Rochelle for a second exhibition to launch her art book "Carnet de Visage" volume 2 from 20 November to 12 December 2023.

This gallery on the rue Fleuriau also hosts the Printemps Fleuriau festival, during which Jika has already exhibited her portrait plates from "Carnet de Visage" volume 1 in 2021.

This exhibition includes some of the illuminated woodcut reproductions that have already been exhibited in Gallery 55 of the Eyrolles bookshop, as well as new, previously unpublished works.

Thank you to all the loyal visitors who took part in the first edition! We were delighted to meet new fans of the Carnet de Visage project.