Life is not a straight line, it sometimes imposes detours, crossroads that we do not dare to take. Barriers to jump over, obstacles to overcome, breaks, cracks, fights are sometimes necessary to move forward and remain standing. Only passion, perseverance and hard work allow man to exercise his profession as an artist or craftsman...

Every man being the artisan of his own life, he feels alive when he transmits his passion in order to share his emotions. It is the common passion of Dance that unites us around these three artists who exhibit the love of life and movement! Symbol of energy, the grace of a choreographed movement transcends the body to reveal emotion. In profile, from the front, it is also from the back that the intimate part of the identity is revealed. It is with Sophie Simonet, Lavrenty Bruni and Tom Klefstad that the exhibition of paintings and photos.

From 11 to 11 July 2015
Etienne de Causans Gallery
25, rue de Seine
75006 Paris