Exhibition "The Virtues

Marie-Elise Larène at the Chamberlan creation space

The opening took place on Thursday 13 February 2020. The exhibition will run from 14 February to 26 February 2020. 

Exhibition curator: Delphine Garnier

At a time when everyone is increasingly seeking truth and light, Marie-Elise's works will be sublimated by two exceptional sensory creators: the Eleonore de Staël nose and Rouge Français. Following the launch of the 100% digital brand in early 2017, the Maison Chamberlan creative space is dedicated to the creation of bespoke shoes and is also intended to be a living space, open to Made in France artisans and artists who will regularly come and enliven the space to present their creations in the form of Pop Up Stores and ephemeral exhibitions. It was only natural that Chamberlan should call on the Association des 4 Couleurs, of which it has been a member since its creation, to organise the "Les Vertus" exhibition around the works of Marie-Elise Larène. This event is also an opportunity to bring together Made in France artisans with incomparable expertise, who will delight your eyes, your noses and surprise your taste buds. 

Accompanied by the sensory designers Eléonore de Staël and Le Rouge Français


Ten tondo subjects of the same size, a round format, in homage to the mother's womb are proposed in this exhibition. Marie-Elise has chosen for the motif a large, full and nourishing 120 cm round, hand-cut Arches vellum 400grs, a solid and powerful paper that resists impasto, water and collage.

Perfect form without visual limits. Work on the drawing with asserted and constructed contours, then several passages of varnish to dress the backgrounds and place the sequins, placing the relief with the tip of a neutral white modeling paint, in about ten infinitesimal layers because the motif is tiny, then colouring the motifs, placing the sequins and jewels, rhinestones and Swarovski crystal. She signs here a luminous correspondence between art and craft...

Like a jeweller, Marie-Elise knows how to sprinkle, encrust and place each sequin, pearl or svarowski. Her custom-made Chamberlan shoes with rhinestones, sequins or gold perfectly match her shiny, sparkling tondos!

What is the creative process behind it? The great painter Poussin said: "Painting has no other destination than to constitute an object of delight...".

After 31 years devoted to the sky and its inhabitants in dry pastel, she agreed to entrust the world with a different vision of Light, its power and its vocation to keep us upright. It is decorative painting that has imposed itself on her, in the sense that it speaks to all without condition of culture. She also embroidered a lot and in large formats of characters, angels in real size and it is them that led her to find the way to paint the relief and the change of colours according to the position of the spectator and the lighting.

A living and surprising object in a way. A painting with drawers... She hopes to contribute to a poetic emotion in the decorative art with regard to the variations and discoveries of the development of the motives, to this sensitive way of seizing us and letting us embrace surreptitiously... And to make you melt with happiness.


Founded in 2010 by Delphine Garnier, the Quatre Couleurs Association, linking arts and crafts, promotes the creation and production of cultural events: concerts, film screenings, exhibitions, live shows, etc.

The aim of the Association Quatre Couleurs is to defend crafts and art, protect and safeguard our natural and oral heritage, and take part in educational initiatives on diversity. It must collect and preserve documents, objects and know-how to promote cultural identities throughout the world. It wants to ensure the mutual dissemination of the results of collective and individual artistic work, as well as carrying out research and making contributions that help to make diversity more positive. It aims to encourage the development of knowledge, beyond boundaries and prejudices, by promoting structural, dynamic, relational and critical thinking through the arts. 

When she met Sophie Engster, Delphine Garnier naturally wanted to integrate Chamberlan into Quatre Couleurs. "In order to transcend the bespoke bootmaker's core craft, the Quatre Couleurs association wanted to surround Chamberlan with painter Marie-Elise Larène and sensory designers Eleonore de Staël and le Rouge Français. It is the radiance of light, golden, symbolic and eternal that has brought together here in the Maison Chamberlan, its fairy shoes, the timeless perfumes of Éléonore de Staël, the perfect Rouge Français and the Virtues of Marie-Élise Larène! The cross-disciplinary nature of art and craft is an essential bridge for promoting the work of artisans.


" By only producing what our customers want, we avoid senseless overproduction that consumes capital and resources." - Sophie Engster & Franck Le Franck Co-Founders

CONSUMING DIFFERENTLY : At the crossroads between craftsmanship and innovation La Maison Chamberlan embodies the artisan company of the future. By combining the know-how of our craftsmen with the very latest technology, we enable women to order the pair of shoes of their dreams, a pair that is entirely personalised, produced on demand, in standard sizes or, the height of luxury, to the measurements of their feet, thanks to the use of our smartphone application for taking measurements.

MADE-TO-MEASURE SHOES : We have developed a patented mobile application that allows our customers to take their measurements directly via their smartphone. No need to travel. No appointments to schedule. Day or night, from Paris to Shanghai, measurements can be taken in just a few minutes. Our customers are guided to take 6 photographs of their feet so that we can extract all the measurements required. Our fitter can then create shapes that are perfectly adapted to the morphology of each of our customers' feet.

PERSONALISED SHOES : Each model is produced on demand and can be customised as you wish. Our customers have complete freedom to create their own models by selecting the materials, colours, heels and accessories of their choice.

PRICES: Standard customised size: from €295 Made-to-measure: from €595

THE COLLECTIONS : Every season, Chamberlan enriches its range with new models, new heels and new materials and colours. Our aim is to put our expertise and know-how at the service of our customers, giving them the freedom to follow or ignore the latest trends.

THE MATERIALS : Beautiful materials are the secret of beautiful creations. We source our products from French and Italian tanneries renowned for the beauty, finesse and suppleness of their leathers. We maintain close relationships with our suppliers and select only the finest and most noble raw materials. Supporting French manufacturing is not an empty word. It's an act of citizenship, to perpetuate our know-how before it disappears, support diversity and promote a local economy.

EXCEPTIONAL EXPERTISE THAT WE MUST SAFEGUARD When we set up our factory in the heart of the Périgord Vert region, we were faced with recruitment difficulties and discovered a sector in danger, deserted for too long by those involved in training. We went on a real tour of France and met passionate craftsmen, some of them retired, who didn't hesitate to support us in our great adventure. Today, the excellence of our craftsmanship gives our shoes the extra soul of exceptional items.

NOVEMBER 2019, OPENING OF THE CHAMBERLAN CREATIVE SPACE : Following the launch of the 100% digital brand in early 2017, 2019 is drawing to a close with the opening of our Espace de Création, a stone's throw from Place Vendôme. This space, dedicated to the creation of Chamberlan shoes, is also intended to be a living space, open to Made in France artisans and artists, who will regularly come and enliven it to present their creations in the form of Pop Up Stores and ephemeral exhibitions.

A UNIQUE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE: Today, our customers love the multi-channel experience we offer them. They can order their shoes via our e-Boutique, in our design area or through our network of retailers.

INTERNATIONAL OBJECTIVE CHINA : We have just signed our first partnership with a Chinese distributor. This market, which is highly connected and receptive to a differentiated offering, represents strong growth potential for our company. www.chamberlan.com 


A naturopath by training, Cécile, aka "Betty", turned from theory to practice in 2009 when she turned to her passion, cooking. Tired of fighting against the clichés associated with 'healthy eating', she set about creating a cuisine that was anything but moralistic and dull, linking well-being, design and culinarity. With her love of plants, it's only natural that she should fall in love with Raw Food, a playground as yet unexplored in our lands, and reinvent it as culinary and appetising. In other words, a pioneer of raw vegan food in France, no less.


With fine bubbles and delicately fruity aromas, Arlaux champagnes open the doors to a vineyard that is more than a thousand years old and offer you the opportunity to discover the rarity and extraordinary aromatic richness of the last few French vines in Champagne. A unique blend of the only "têtes de cuvée", the fruit of an exceptional ageing on lees, each sip transports you into the gourmet universe of an intact nature transmitted in emotions.


Éléonore de Staël is a perfumer-creator whose perfumes combine well-being and aesthetics. This nose composes with 100% natural products in Paris according to ethical manufacturing methods that reconcile respect for the environment and the principles of La Belle Parfumerie. A play of gold and light, like a perfume full of contrasts, this welcoming place opens its doors to committed creators.


LE ROUGE FRANCAIS enhances women's beauty with lipsticks made with plant pigments, known for their incredible organic properties. Their products are vegan, certified organic and made in France.


Anna Marchlewska is delighted to create all the visual supports for the events organised by the 4 Couleurs Association, such as this press kit or the invitation card for the evening. Each event is a happy occasion to express her motto: simplicity in the service of elegance and refinement.