Exhibition "Les Vertus" by Marie-Elise Larène at Chamberlan

"In the light of a new paradigm, Marie-Elise Larène celebrates these virtues so dear to the human heart in an exhibition that pays tribute to the five senses: taste, smell, hearing, touch and sight, in the order of your preference.

 "At a time when everyone is always looking for more truth and light, Marie-Elise's works are enhanced by two exceptional sensory creators: Eleonore de Staël and Rouge Français.

Exhibition curator: Delphine Garnier

After a 100% digital brand launch at the beginning of 2017, the Maison Chamberlan creation space is dedicated to the creation of custom-made shoes and is also intended to be a living space, open to Made in France craftsmen and artists who will regularly come to animate the space to present their creations in the form of Pop Up Store and ephemeral exhibitions. It is quite natural that Chamberlan called upon the Association des 4 Couleurs, an association to which it has belonged since its creation, to organise the exhibition "Les Vertus" around the works of Marie-Elise Larène. This event brings together craftsmen of the Made in France with incomparable know-how. Eleonore de Staël Éléonore de Staël is a perfumer-creator, her perfumes combine well-being and aesthetics. This nose composes with 100% natural products in Paris according to ethical manufacturing methods that reconcile respect for the environment and the principles of La Belle Parfumerie.

A play of gold and light, like a perfume full of contrast, this welcoming place opens its doors to committed designers. Le Rouge Français The house THE FRENCH RED sublimates women with lipsticks made with plant pigments, known for their incredible organic properties. Their products are vegan, certified organic and made in France. "There is no path to the light, the Path is the Light...