Fabrice Ausset x Human and Tea

Quatre Couleurs is delighted to have created this collaboration between human and Tea and Fabrice Ausset to design the 2024 collector's tea caddy, which was made entirely in France. 

The tea caddy, made from chrome-plated steel, is dressed in shimmering colours to evoke voluptuous scents and fragrances, stylised in reference to vapours, sensuality and reverie.

The sparkling, poetic and whimsical worlds so dear to Fabrice Ausset's heart are here again, as he creates playful environments and astonishing places with a fresh and original vision.

As a child, Fabrice Ausset spent a lot of time observing nature in the Gardon Valley, between Nîmes and Uzès, exploring rocks carved and sculpted by water, caves, 'marmites' and prehistoric stones.

Now a DPLG architect, interior architect, designer and scenographer, he has incorporated his love of nature into all his projects: hotels, private flats, châteaux, chalets, furniture, unique pieces...

He now combines this nature, these primitive elements close to the origin, with technological advances, digital technology and artificial intelligence. A new relationship with nature is emerging thanks to digital tools and robotics, offering an innovative way of combining ideas, concepts and materials that seem incompatible at first sight.

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Founded in 2016, French tea house Human & Tea offers a range of teas that combine flavour, emotion and well-being: over 100 teas, mostly organic, that pay tribute to the world's greatest tea-producing regions, as well as caffeine-free offerings such as rooibos, fruit and herbal infusions.

For co-founders Nathalie and Daniel COTTE, this collaboration marks their desire to work with creators in the worlds of design and the art of living, convinced that creativity is at the heart of the brand's DNA. True to its vision, the Human & Tea brand is open to all, appealing to connoisseurs and neophytes alike, with a vast range of carefully selected original teas and blends sold loose.

And because happiness never comes alone, and tea lovers are often lovers of the art of living, Human & Tea also offers accessories to enhance the tea moment. "Because no one should miss out on the pleasure of a cup of tea", say the co-founders.

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Available from December 2023 in shops and online from €19, depending on the tea, the Human & Tea x Fabrice Ausset collector's box will be the perfect setting for a Christmas tea or your favourite tea. The box's colours are just the thing to bring us joy in the festive spirit, and will be a chic and colourful companion for the New Year.