Claudine Drai's tribute at Roissy Charles De Gaulle

How can we find a better transversality than that of Claudine's work and words. What better proof could there be of the magic phrase that unites our energies "it is always the limit of words that makes art exist". What better proof could Claudine bring us in this complementarity since emotion is a link with the invisible, a link with the other. A huge thank you to the Paris airport and to Franck Goldnadel for allowing this multicultural crossroads gathering all religions to keep in memory the souls of the departed.

"In the face of barbarism, horror and the negation of life, creation is an act of life.
And art invents this link to the sacred, the spiritual.
For me, creation is an attempt to live and act out our presence in the world
And the sense of one's own history is absorbed into another history; that of humanity. The body is a reality of the presence of being and its absence.
The body is time. And time is also a presence. There are invisible links between beings and things, a thought of silence. It is put into action in the gestures of the material.
Paper, bronze, tree wood as "soul skins".
The silhouettes as apparitions of beings in the world ephemeral of eternity The paper is also the soul of the trees It would be a question of creating a work, like a poetic act where another consciousness is invented. To feel this link to the mystery, to the ineffable, to the infinity of our beings in the silence of the trees, of the stars... To recreate a breath in the day to the night where time has faded from being. And if thought is lost in emotions, it is also emotion that restores reality.
The gaze opens itself to see better outside. The non-visible exists in the emotion that makes it appear and transforms the real, imaginary feeling of the world and its memory.