Jérôme Cordié, Aisthesis 

A subtle blend of poetry and the material. Jérôme Cordié, art cabinetmaker selects its wood species precious wood and its materials... Listening to their density, their sensory evocationspoetic and symbolic. Hardwoods, ebony, rosewood, lemon, amaranth, amourette, light woods, sycamore, hornbeam, natural materials, shagreen, mother-of-pearl, parchment, mica, bone, horn, lead him to the emotions of his moving memories, to the fascination of an intriguing unknown. Jérôme Cordié: three variations of a know-how French and exceptional : creation, manufacturing and restoration Passionate and expert, always looking for new finishes and associations of exceptional materials, the cabinetmaker lacquers, varnishes, patinates, re-lacquers known and common woods ...and declines his French know-how through... A creation of furniture and art objects - precious wood species and natural materials - with innovative manufacturing processes ...A manufacturing of top of the range furniture made to measure, unique pieces or small series, for any decoration project. Restoration of furniture and objets d'art in the respect of traditions, enlightened by an expert knowledge of technical developments and history of each style. 

Jérôme Cordié and Aisthésis, his workshop, a unique place... a laboratory of materials The art cabinetmaker, eager to promote and perpetuate this French know-how, likes to pass on the fruit of his research. Research that has been evolving for 30 years, in the secrecy of his workshop, where ideas are confronted, techniques are developed and anchored in the heritage of this art craft. Here, the shagreen technique was born. Here, for 30 years, generations have crossed paths and opened up to the world of tomorrow...



Photo: via Aisthesis (Paris Artistes, 2019)