B&W parade presents costume jewellery : Luc Kieffer

Luc Kieffer is not a designer like the others. Both a colourist and a fashion designer, this French artist creates, designs and manufactures jewellery and accessories fashion 100 % French according to a eco-responsible process based on a know-how unique: for over 20 years his company has been one of the leaders in line transformation. 

It all began in 1995 when he started making jewellery for the major fashion houses. Luc Kieffer has worked with some of the most prestigious French brands. prestigious. With this recognition, the designer presented his own collection around the world in the early 2000s. His signature? Originalityscience, brightness, fashion and of course the femininity. Its objective? To reflect beauty through colour design and shapes that are always fluid and modern. Thanks to its team of professionals Kieffer brings to life unique accessories for both men and women, as well as decorative objects requiring authentic jewellery work. 

As well as resin, the company also applies its expertise in inclusions to its creations, inserting silver- or gold-plated metal elements, crystals and precious stones into its pieces.