Under the gaze of the director and photographer...

Julien Couson will immortalise the evening in pictures.

After producing dozens of films and video clips for companies such as Omega, Mont Blanc, Frédérique Constant, Blancpain, Porsche, Roland and Bose, and producing concerts at the Grand Rex, the Olympia Bruno Coquatrix and the Grand Théâtre de Tours, Julien Couson supports the Quatre Couleurs association, with which he has already worked, in its efforts to showcase the skills of French artists and craftsmen.

Boris Pollet will act as a photographer on the set and will intervene in this ensemble as a sort of echo of director Julien Couson.

He dreams of a multiverse shot of this "Ï teen errance" event, trying out a few series of superimpositions, like when a good old Nikon camera was unstuck and the roll had to be rewound at the end. It was a unique experience in which visitors to the event became part of the exhibition.