Salon du Made in France: Marie-Ange Guilleminot, a timeless artist.

Marie-Ange Guilleminot is a visual artist who has created a wardrobe based on the know-how of the exhibitors. Each garment and accessory is a tribute to an author of French literature. The result: forty or so totally unique pieces made in collaboration with fifty or so craftsmen and industrialists stimulated by this extraordinary project of exchange and sharing with several hands. A very beautiful collaboration with, among others, the LAVABRE CADET company based in Millau since 1946.

In France we still have real know-how. The Made in France exhibition at the Carreau du Temple brought together the trades of the French textile/clothing industry in order to promote all the production areas of the country. 59743 people are currently employed in the textile industry in France, which has a population of 66.3 million. The consumption of clothing in France in 2014 was 28 billion euros. The turnover of the textile industry is 12.9 billion euros.

As Honoré de Balzac said in his "Treatise on Elegant Life": "The brute covers himself, the rich or the fool adorns himself, the elegant man dresses himself. The toilet is, all at once, a science, an art, a habit, a feeling" Honoré de Balzac.