Street art invites itself to Montparnasse!

Lab 14 used to be the post office of the 14th arrondissement of Paris. Emblematic of the postal heritage, with its singular architecture, it was built in the early 1940s.

Today, Lab 14, thanks to a crazy project where young people are in the spotlight, has become a magical place of exchange made of colours and imagination. At first sight, it's just a question of simple scribbles on the walls. The teenagers are delighted, the others a little less so. But then, if you let yourself be carried along, you discover piece after piece of microcosms, the work of each of the artists on display. They have nibbled away at every square centimetre of free space to let their imagination run along the walls. The concept is to step outside the walls and collide with our suddenly flat and bland reality.

It's a real return to childhood in settings sometimes worthy of a giant cartoon, a journey into the dream of Alice in Wonderland. At work, the artists Retro, Morne, Onsept, Sly2, Mademoiselle Maurice, Swar, Reaone and Dem Dillon. The artists use 3D, Minuit uses digital technology to make their work even more alive, more current and more rooted in their generation.

These young creators prove that Urban Art is a new art form that belongs in galleries.