Through the Association 4 couleurs you can benefit from a 50% discount on the show. As part of the link between art and fashion, the Association 4 couleurs is in charge of the co-ordination of the costumes for the show Scène d'été pour jeunes gens en maillots de bain. The clothes are loaned by independent French companies: LEJABY (the last lingerie company to manufacture entirely in France), CLAIRE CHATAIGNIER (custom-made designer with French fabric and French 100% manufacture), MARC ROZIER (the last French scarf manufacturer since 1890) for the pareos, BILBAORIGINAL for the polo shirts and LE CAP for the swimwear.

A beach on an island, one summer, five teenagers free to discover, play with and attract each other... They reveal themselves, they strip off. As they cross the border into adulthood, what do they do with their bodies and their secrets?

By Christophe Botti

Director: Agnès Seelinger
Costume coordination: Delphine GARNIER / Association 4 couleurs
With : Frédéric Dockès, Marie Drion, Keryan Fitoussi, Anton Lahirle, Eléonore Sarrazin.
Co-produced by Vingtième Théâtre and Ariane Carletti, T.E.C. Limited and La Compagnie des Hommes Papillons

18 June to 27 July / Wednesday to Saturday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 3pm