Sublime, extraordinary, magnificent.... It is a unique emotional experience that you will live in the Joseph Gallery. Each photo and especially each text invites us to travel back in time!

The scenography allows you, wherever you are, to let your gaze make the link between these different transmissions of know-how. A big thank you to Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone who, for 5 years, met men and women in Europe, Asia and Africa who pass on exceptional traditional know-how. They photographed more than 100 masters, disciples and apprentices from different countries. They shared their daily work by getting to the heart of the master-pupil relationship and by capturing emblematic photographs of the states of mind during the passage from one person to another.

With "TRANS MISSIONS people to people" they propose a series of glimpses of human exchanges at the moment of passing knowledge from one person to another. From mother to daughter, from father to son, from master to disciple, between East and West. Have you ever seen the threads coming out of a lotus flower, the flame of a blacksmith, the hand of a glassmaker, the delicate gesture of the ceramic sculptor, the enamel bath, the subtlety of lacquer, the study of calligraphy, the work of the feather-maker, the fan-maker, the boot-maker, the saddler... But also the art of healing with plants, Noh theatre, the art of the mask...

If you are a Parisian who is fed up with having his coat soaked every time it rains, rediscover the umbrella and the parasol thanks to Michel Heurtault, a craftsman with exceptional know-how!