Theatre play


The Association 4 couleurs brought together Virginie Kartner, director and actress, and the French artisans on the stage of the show VICTOIRE!

The lingerie designer Elise Anderegg, the Millau glove maker Lavabre Cadet, the belt maker Maison Vaincourt, and the ladies' tailor Claire Chataignier all worked to create the silhouettes for the actors. Fantasy, humour, glamour, laughter and suspense are all part of the life of this young "haute couture" lingerie designer!

Lou dreams of being a designer of fine lingerie, she works in the shadow of a great seducer who promises her the job of her dreams... Charlie, her colleague, neighbour, friend (lover?) is by her side when she has to face her demon: a strange woman who appears to her as a shadow of herself... " Her name is Vic! Her name is Vic! Victory is for later! Is Charlie here by chance? Who is Victory? Who is Johnny? Who is the real Lou? These four multi-faceted characters take us into a subtly crazy world!

Author: Virginie Kartner
Artists : Virginie Kartner, Patrice Tepasso, Merryl Beaudonnet,Gregory Kristoforoff
Director : Virginie Kartner