14 glances of women in freedom: Presentation of the cheque to the association Cry

Thanks to the profits of the exhibition "14 glances of women in freedom", the association 4 couleurs was able to give a cheque to the association Crystal Kids which will be used to support the education of these little girls on a daily basis. The Crystal Kids association aims to take care of children in Nepal, among the most disadvantaged, from the street or from broken families, victims of violence or sexual abuse.

During the presentation of the cheque to the president of the Crystal Kids association, Fabienne Pioch quoted Kofi Annan: "When things go well for women, the whole of society benefits and the younger generations get a better start in life", and then left a message of hope to all the donors: "Thanks to your donations, the 25 little girls taken care of by the Crystal Kids association carry within them the hope of a better future for their country".

We would like to thank the artists who did a remarkable job to participate in this exhibition Charlotte Barrault, Carole Benichou, Sabine de Courtilles, Marine Coutelas, Sylvie Delusseau, Els, Pascale Garcin-Coquoin, Cécile Jaeger, Corinne Lucas-KL, Mago, Carole Melmoux, Ariele Rozowy, Sophie Simonet and Isabelle Zutter, who have agreed to donate part of the sales of their works to the Crystal Kids association. We would also like to thank the vice-president of the Crystal Kids association, Laurent Avoyne, as well as Angèle Avoyne, Alexandra Fadin and Delphine de Turckeim who also contributed to the success of the exhibition 14 regards de femmes en liberté.