Travelling elegance with Claire Châtaigner

Claire Châtaigner - With the idea of linking art and fashion in a transversal way, Claire dressed Bruno Moinard and his team for the evening.

Born into a family that has been working with leather since 1880 in Millau (a great-grandmother was a corset maker, another a dressmaker and milliner), Claire knew from the age of 8 that creation would be her life. She has chosen to bring back to life the made-to-measure for women, respecting the body and the identity. She proposes a manufacture in her Parisian workshop with exclusively French, English and Italian fabrics. It is a garment that must embrace the body and not constrain it, as the first great fashion designers of the 20th century claimed by liberating it. Today, the diktat of trends and standardized sizes pushes women to reject themselves: body, age, etc...

It is the creative arm for women to regain respect for their bodies and their identity. "Claire Châtaigner, a tailor for women, has been highlighted on several occasions by its ambassador Delphine Garnier and the Quatre Couleurs Association. These include the Bridal Fair and the plays "Scènes d'été pour jeunes gens en maillot de bain" and "Victoire".

These experiences have enabled the brand's influence to be extended and the arts to be played out across the board, as advocated by the Quatre Couleurs Association and the Maison Claire Châtaigner.

Claire Chataignier - In the idea of creating a transversal link between art and fashion, Claire will dress up Bruno Moinard and his team for the event.

Originating from a family working in leather field since 1880 in Millau, Claire knew at the age of 8 that the creation will be her life. So she chose to bring back into fashion the made on measure product for Woman which respect the Body and her identity. All clothes are manufactured in her Parisian workshop with exclusively French, English and Italian fabrics. It is the garment which has to match the body and not the contrary, as well as claimed by the first great dressmaker of the XXth century who let the women body to feel free when dressed up. Today, the diktat of the trends and the standardized sizes pushes the women to the rejection of herself: body, age, etc....

Claire Châtaigner, a tailor for women's house, has been highlighted on several occasions by her ambassador: Delphine Garnier and the Association Quatre Couleurs, including the Paris Bridal Fair and the plays: "Scenes Summer for young people in sbathing suit" and "Victoire".

These experiments have helped extend the influence of the brand and the arts to play transversality as well as I support the values of the association Quatre Couleurs.