B&W parade présente le designer Fabrice Ausset 

Invest the materialto imitate the nature and convert the technology in magic. "They are discreet, ambiguous warnings, reminding us that there must be a general, anterior beauty, more vast than that which man has an intuition for, in which he finds his joy and which he is proud to produce in his turn. Roger Caillois - L'Ecriture des Stones Fabrice Ausset is an architect and designer. But his aim is to give a direction to what he creates, his objects or its environments. It starts from the material to reach a certain breath, a certain inspiration. Comme en musique, les objets peuvent coexister en harmonie ou en contrepoint, mais chez FA, il ne s’agit ni de maniérisme, ni de compositions baroques.

Tout a un sens. Un de ses mots d’ordre est « attention "the one brought to the detailsthe most insignificant of them, the one brought to the material, to the technologies, to the volumes, to the colour and to the light, but also that provided to peopletheir requirements and assumptions, what is said and what is induced. FA is a collector himself, and for a long time he clung to objects, but then realised that his relationship to them was dynamicsAs was his relationship to volumes and life. That of a player who considers his work as a construction, but also as a work in hollow, as an addition and a subtraction.