The association Quatre couleurs presents Itinérance at the Diane de Polignac & Chazournes gallery from 21 June to 4 September 2017. The painter Bruno Moinard supports French craftsmanship in most of his work. With Itinérance, the 4 couleurs association surrounds him with independent artists and craftsmen in order to maintain this essential link between art and know-how. This is why we wanted to bring together a gallery owner, a conductor and composer, an electro DJ, a concert pianist, a French piano maker, a paper master, a calligrapher, a custom stylist, a Premium hostess agent, a model agent, a vegan caterer, a photographer and a film director.

On 20 June 2017 a concert will be given on the occasion of the opening at 8pm by Laurent Couson (conductor and composer) and Charles Schillings (electro DJ). The concert will include a preview of the tracks from their new album: The Modern Symphonic Orchestra, to be released in June by Universal. Opening concert by Célimène Daudet for the next music festival in Haiti. Part of the profits from the exhibition will be donated to the Haiti Piano Project association, which aims to create a classical music festival in Haiti and support young talent. The Quatre couleurs association will also contribute to financing the purchase of a piano.

Let's create together a vibratory harmony between the actors and the spectators by combining different trades in a transversal way so that each one in his field can transcend the others.