Meeting with a paper master and calligrapher

Maison Thibierge provided a quality paper support for the event Itinérance, an exhibition by Bruno Moinard at the Diane de Polignac gallery from 21 June to 31 July 2017. The House has its roots in the know-how of Émeric Thibierge and his team, for nearly 30 years. Émeric Thibierge is the founder of Thibierge & Comar, then of Thibierge Paris. He invented his trade: Paper designer.

As with textiles, it is a question of anticipating tastes and fashions, of staying in tune with sensations, of translating the spirit of the times... Paper becomes a fashion accessory, a material with creative and innovative potential. Émeric Thibierge never separates from his notebook. He thinks of paper as an accessory in its own right and works on the material, texture, colour palettes and design with the help of a team of engineers. Among his creations: Rives, Cromatico, Skin, Evanescent, Dentelle, ...

These papers, unique in the world, were born of the spirit of an anti-conformist. Émeric Thibierge is indeed an atypical figure in the world of paper. His approach lies on the borders of design and technique, he is inspired as much by fashion as by nature, by the world around him or by his travels from Tokyo to New York. He never misses an event on architecture, a photo exhibition at the Jeu de Paume, a retrospective at the Galliera Museum or an event at the Natural History Museum in Paris. "By imagining what the notebook of Steve Jobs or Karl Lagerfeld could be, I created the Thibierge Notebook. Contemporary, intuitive, design and dare I say, intelligent. A notebook of its time".

All the invitations to the opening of the Itinérance exhibition with Bruno Moinard's paintings were sent by post and calligraphied by a master calligrapher, Stéphane Trillaud. Captivated by the alchemy of colours and textures, he spent his Wednesday mornings from the age of 7 at the School of Decorative Arts in Blois until the age of 13. More attracted by lettering, logos and graphic design, he abandoned figurative drawing to devote himself to the study of signs and symbols.

Caught up in his love of writing, he gradually turned to Latin calligraphy at the end of the 90s, first for his own pleasure, then to train as a master calligrapher. He has been teaching for 3 years and started his own business in 2013.