The Association 4 Couleurs joins Printemps Fleuriau to present the artist JIKA

Le Printemps Fleuriau is the festival of the art galleries of the Rochelle. It was created to celebrate art, artists and artisans each year on Ascension Day, rue Fleuriau. La MINI Galerie, La Galerie Julie Bazin and La Galerie Fleuriau are the founding galleries of this festival. The first edition in 2019 confirmed their idea that art needed to find a place in La Rochelle, especially in the city centre, a place of life and animation that is essential for the people of La Rochelle. In view of the success of this first edition and the impact on the other actors of the city, we wanted to reinforce our actions and our visibility by creating the eponymous association: The Printemps Fleuriau Association.

The mission of the Printemps Fleuriau is to invite the passer-by to art, to submit to him, under his gaze, graphic and sound elements, intallations that could challenge him, make him feel emotions, open his eyes to art whatever it is; in short, to "shake up" his daily decor. In this sense, Printemps wants to welcome artists, known or unknown, with a certain degree of requirement and relevance. To propose artists who have a message with meaning but also often in resonance with the history of the rue Fleuriau.

This year, the Printemps Fleuriau association is joining forces with the association Quatre Couleurs, editor of the book "Face Book"by the artist Jikato celebrate the Printemps Fleuriau. The presentation of the book "Carnet de Visage" , which will take place at the Galerie du Printemps, will be surrounded by a exhibition of woodcuts; portraits from the book. A fresco of faces will animate the walls of the street.

The preparation

The gallery