Quatre Couleurs joins forces with Printemps Fleuriau to present artist JIKA

Le Printemps Fleuriau is the festival of the art galleries of the Rochelle. It was created to celebrate art, artists and craftspeople, every year on Ascension Day, rue Fleuriau. La MINI Galerie, La Galerie Julie Bazin and La Galerie Fleuriau are the founding galleries of this festival. The first edition in 2019 confirmed their idea that art needed a place in La Rochelle, particularly in the town centre, a place of life and vital activity for the people of La Rochelle.

Following a meeting between Delphine Garnier, President of Quatre couleurs, and Bérangère Auvergnat, President of the Printemps Fleuriau festival, the two associations got together to create an event centred around the portrait, with artist Jika as guest artist in the Printemps gallery. To mark the occasion, the art book "Carnet de visage vol.1" and works from the book were exhibited both indoors and outdoors.





Rue Fleuriau is a street where the New World Museum installed in the Hotel Fleuriau. Dedicated to relations between La Rochelle and the Americas, then known as the "New World". It's important to make it clear that Rue Fleuriau shouldn't become a street where artistic elements are piled on top of each other without meaning or invitation: they're not there by chance, and their work responds to each other.

The President of Printemps Fleuriau Bérangère Auvergnatthe deputy head of culture Catherine Benguiguithe heritage assistant Anna-Maria SpanoDeputy Mayor Catherine Leonidasthe artist Jika and the president of the association Quatre Couleurs Delphine Garnier opened the festival together. Thanks to Doria Ardiethead of visual arts at La Rochelle and Géraldine GillardeauI would like to thank the Director of Heritage at La Rochelle for putting Printemps Fleuriau and the Quatre Couleurs association in touch with each other to organise this event.


The mission of Printemps Fleuriau is therefore, among other things, to invite passers-by into the world of art, to present them with graphic elements, sounds and installations that might appeal to them, make them feel emotions, open their eyes to art of all kinds; in short, to "shake up" their everyday décor. In this sense, Printemps wants to welcome artists, both well-known and unknown, with a certain degree of rigour and relevance. To offer artists with a message that is both meaningful and, more often than not, resonates with the history of the rue Fleuriau.

This year, the Printemps Fleuriau association is joining forces with the association Quatre Couleurs, editor of the book "Face Book"by the artist Jikato celebrate Printemps Fleuriau. The presentation of the book "Carnet de Visage", which will take place at the Galerie du Printemps, will be surrounded by a exhibition of woodcuts; portraits from the book. A fresco of faces will animate the walls of the street.


The fresco

The works

Face book

The gallery

The scenography of rue Fleuriau