Shooting of the film "A woman in love" - Maison Arlaux

For the film "A woman in love", the Quatre Couleurs association put director Julien Couson in touch with Champagnes Arlaux and designed the silhouette of actress Aline Hamou.

Synopsis of the advertising film

The actress wore Chamberlan shoes, a Luc Kieffer bracelet, a Maison Vaincourt belt, a Maison Vaincourt clutch bag and a Lyon silk chiffon stole. All these accessories were made entirely in France by artisans who are members of the Quatre Couleurs association. Aline Hamou (the actress) gives a marvellous interpretation of the "Arlaux Woman" in this advert, which is only broadcast outside France and was directed by Julien Couson for Arlaux. Free and determined! She's a modern French woman who subtly combines a sparkling character with great elegance. Her secret weapon of seduction? A glass of Champagne: Arlaux Brut Grande Cuvée, of course! She drives through Paris in her adorable convertible to find the man she loves, knowing that she will surely touch his heart with these light and sensual bubbles...To the sensual music of Leonard Lasry, Julien Couson's photos, bathed in a bluish light with grey reflections, remind us of the identity of the Arlaux house. Entirely classified as a Premier Cru, the Arlaux vineyard has written records spanning more than 1,000 years, making it one of the most historic in the Champagne region.

The Arlaux family has nurtured this exceptional terroir for more than 15 generations, even though the production of sparkling champagne wines only began a little less than 200 years ago, in 1826 (thus gradually replacing the production of still wines that was common until then). Today, the Arlaux vineyard is one of the very few French vineyards to preserve very old pre-phylloxera Meunier vines (having survived the phylloxera crisis of the late 19th century).

Grown without insecticides, the grapes of the Arlaux vineyard are among the most coveted in the "Montagne de Reims", the true heart of the Champagne region. Produced in limited quantities, from the first press only (the "tête de cuvée"), Arlaux Champagnes are the full expression of this exceptional terroir. With their delicately fruity notes, complex aromas and rare elegance, Arlaux champagnes meet the expectations of the most demanding wine lovers.

Because Champagne is a trump card in the game of Love...