Alexandra and Barthélémy's wedding

Quatre couleurs was honoured to take part in the creation of made-to-measure garments for the wedding of Alexandra & Barthélémy DERODE.

For the occasion, Barthélémy and Alexandra Derode called on the artists and craftsmen of the Quatre Couleurs association for their outfits, the calligraphy and the music.

Barthelemy, his father and his uncle were dressed by bespoke tailor Robert Kerr. Alexandra wore Chamberlan shoes, also custom-made for the occasion. For her dress, she called on French 100% designer Diane de Malherbe.

The calligraphy on the envelopes, menus and programmes was done by master calligrapher Sonia Da Rocha. Virtuoso Yury Revich also performed a concert for the occasion.

Thank you to them for supporting Quatre Couleurs, its craftsmen and artists for so many years, and for perpetuating French 100% design and manufacture.