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Sophie Delusseau


French artist who graduated from the Toulouse School of Fine Arts in 1984.

She began her career as an illustrator for the women's press, then worked in an advertising agency, where she contributed to campaigns for Dim, Lancôme, L'Oréal and others.

She has been exhibiting her paintings since 2000 and has taken part in several group and solo exhibitions in Angola, Nigeria, France and the USA.

Sylvie devotes her work to celebrating the body and soul by capturing the fragility of the moment.

Her itinerant travels across several continents include African portraits and ritual dancers, and she is now concentrating on the nude.

His lines are sharp, exacerbating the structures of the face and body, and the colours are used to express the instant vibration.

Keeping the vital energy captured in the black stone drawing, usually enhanced with watercolour and acrylic.

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"I like to imagine that my characters are always ready to step out of the frame. My line liberates the details so that only the essential remains... I make the body elastic, jubilant and powerful, even in the most dramatic moments of its state.

My colour touches and slightly disturbs the intention of the idea, barely embodying it. My line directs, organizes the movement, the speed of execution suggests the weight, revives the energy, animates the figures. From then on, the naked bodies become free...

Sylvie Delusseau

Portraits of shoes

"A shoe is an expression of confidence that allows you to overcome all obstacles and conquer the world.