Teaser Cricket masks

MASKS: REAL OR ABSTRACT IDENTITY? "Assimilating and integrating the origin of the different structures of consciousness was only a logical consequence of this research into the identity of a physical and universal language. Wolfram Mehring Constructed as a journey, the spectator has a playful experience with the masks.

The idea is to experience a sensation of surprise with the masks, an experience of confrontation, astonishment and emotion that allows the spectator/viewer to question, discover and learn. A labyrinthine path allows the discovery of the different masks: everything is black and when the spectator approaches, the mask reveals itself and lights up, creating a surprise effect. At the beginning of the tour there is a video installation that runs in a loop (mixing dancing masks, Grillon's biography, and archive images of actors from the Mandragore troupe wearing masks).

The first exhibition will be a pilot of the mask box we would like to create (partnership with the gallery Loo & Lou). This giant mask "box" could be transported from one end of the planet to the other: a black box in which the exhibition would travel on the backs of boats, trailers or trucks. Artistic director: Alexandre Mehring Exhibition curator: Delphine Garnier Original music: Nicolas Bikielo The idea of this exhibition is that it should become itinerant in order to highlight the work of Grillon's masks but also to make visitors aware of a psycho-sociological reflection of our society.

The change towards a masked virtual world, a globalised world where cultural identity evolves behind masks imposed by a real and virtual system, like an actor's game, like a game of masks!

At a time of globalisation when questions are being asked about cultural identity, the mask game leads to a real reflection on the search for human identity beyond different cultures and structures of consciousness. The "mask box" exhibition could also be exhibited in different symbolic places of contemporary art and theatre. The association 4 couleurs wishes to support this exhibition in its cultural action since it defends values that are dear to it: those of the transversality of the arts (theatre masks that are also sculptures, paintings), of cultural identity, of the relationship to the body, of theatricality, of uniqueness. Alexandre Mehring, Grillon's son, would like to donate his masks to a museum once the "mask box" experience is over. Delphine Garnier President of the Association 4 Couleurs and curator of the exhibition