Photo shoot with Amandine Albisson


Amandine wore a host of dazzling outfits for the photo shoot, all designed by artisans and fashion designers who are members of Quatre Couleurs.

To begin with, she wore a strapless silk tulle dress by Eymeric François, matched with leather gloves from the famous house of Agnelle. Her silhouette was enhanced by a patent leather belt from Vaincourt, while her feet were clad in superb Chamberlan shoes.

For another series of shots, Amandine wrapped up in a sumptuous woollen coat custom-made by designer Claire Chataigner. Her ears are adorned with striped plant resin earrings, created by Luc Kieffer. Finally, she wore an elegant cap by Blanche Abel and finished her look with slippers by Chatelles.

Video directed by Matthieu Berner