Concert Yury Revich in Paris

Salle Pleyel, Paris - 7 March 2024 at 8pm

To mark World Water Day, and in partnership with UNICEF France, the symphony of water is an ambitious and eclectic concert devised by Yury Revich and the association Quatre Couleurs. 

Halfway between classical and electronic, mixing different artistic disciplines, virtuoso violinist Yury performed his original music from his EP (OLARIO) released on 5 March, bringing together unique compositions for neo-classical instrumentals, a delicious blend of classical, pop and electronic music.

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Who is Yury REVICH? 

Having performed in some of the world's most illustrious halls, including New York's Carnegie Hall, Vienna's Musikverein, the Tokyo Metropolitan, La Scala in Milan and the Berlin Philharmonic, alongside the most prestigious orchestras such as the UK's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Italy's Verdi Milano and Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate Philharmonic Orchestra, this is his first time playing in a major French venue.

A violinist acclaimed the world over and adopted by the cinema.

Throughout 2023, Yury performed across Europe and Asia on a continental tour (Korea, China, Japan) alongside classical music legends such as Martha Argerich and Steven Isserlis. He is also touring Latin America with his own compositions and violin concertos by Mendelssohn and Paganini. In 2022, he already featured in Billboard Classical, the classical music chart published by the prestigious American magazine of the same name. The 7th art is no exception. In 2023, Yury composed the music for the new film produced by Oren Moverman (nominated for an Oscar and winner of an Emmy Award).

A concert to mark International Water Day.

Aware of the humanitarian challenges posed by the water shortage in too many countries (2.5 billion people have no access to water, including 450 million children), Yury REVICH, an artist committed to the climate cause, took this project to heart with the Quatre Couleurs association, which supports local, ethical and responsible craftwork. UNICEF Ambassador in AustriaIn 2021, Yury was also commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to create a piece bringing together 100 musicians from around the world to play in honour of nature. In keeping with his commitment, this concert event was dedicated to the theme of water.

Part of the proceeds from the concert were donated to UNICEF France. An exceptional staging in the presence of Alpange pianos which Yury chose for their acoustic quality, digital functions and innovative design, took the audience on a journey through 5 artistic disciplines (music, song, dance, drawing and perfume) accompanied by a chamber orchestra, arranged for the occasion by Baptiste Capitanio in an exceptional artistic effervescence. The song was driven by Doryan Ben (finalist in The Voice), Lorène Aldabra (Sacem self-production award), Erminie Blondel (opera singer) and Jeremy Kapone, ambassador for the Quatre Couleurs association. Dance, under the exceptional patronage of the prima ballerina Amandine AlbissonQuatre Couleurs ambassador, who was also accompanied by the dancer Alexia Barré. Drawing and painting with artists Jeremy Kapone (visual artist, draughtsman), Bruno Moinard, Ulrik Poniatowski, Jean Miotte and the photograph represented by Joséphine Vallé Franceschiall brought to life by the video and set designer Benoit Bénichou. In addition to these 4 artistic disciplines, we have added a unique sensory experience thanks to on the nose Éléonore de Staël who has created an exclusive fragrance in collaboration with the committed brand Ode Annecy and broadcast par Olfacture in the Salle Pleyel. The concert, stylistically coordinated by Léon de Nervois organised with the unfailing support of theAssociation Quatre Couleurs and its Founding President Delphine Garnier.

The Quatre Couleurs association warmly thanks Yury Revich, its ambassadors Amandine Albisson and Jeremy Kapone who took part in the show, conductor and musical director Baptiste Capitanio, UNICEF ambassador Tatiana Silva, as well as all the guest artists Doryan Ben, Lorène Aldabra, Alexia Barré, Erminie Blondel, George Lepauw, Tristan Pfaff, Natalia Morozova. We would also like to thank the painters and photographers: the foundation Jean Miotte, Ulrik Poniatowski, David Proux, Joséphine Vallée Franceschi, Jika and Bruno Moinard, whose works were projected onto a giant screen for the occasion. 

Thanks to piano maker Alpange, the nose of Éléonore de Staël, Laure Mannessier, creator of Carrés Sauvages chocolates, Caroline Letouzé, creator of Galizé, Pierre and Christine Tramier, owners of Arlaux champagnes, Daniel and Nathalie Cotte of Human and Tea, Éric Lemaitre, creator of Baron Papillon sneakers, etc. as well as stylist Léon de Nervo who have graciously donated their talents to fund new water access structures around the world.

Thank you to the 1,500 spectators in attendance!