The conductor of the "symphony of water".

Baptiste Capitanio had the opportunity to be the musical director, conductor and arranger for "La symphonie de l'eau", a benefit concert for UNICEF France. Discover his story...

Only 21 years old, Baptiste is a promising young composer capable of composing in a wide range of styles. His music is characterised by a strong melodic aspect mixed with precise and sophisticated orchestration.

A multi-instrumentalist, Baptiste plays trumpet, piano and tuba. He began composing at the age of 13 and wrote his first symphony at 17. After studying at the conservatoire in his home town, he joined the American School of Modern Music in September 2022, studying with saxophonist Alex Terrier. He has also had the opportunity to meet and learn from great composers from very different backgrounds, such as Oscar-winning composer Gabriel Yared and composer Hèctor Parra. His influences are many, ranging from Bach to Morricone, from Ravel to Bill Evans. He has already written a ballet entitled Lost Hours in 2022, a 40-minute symphony for full symphony orchestra, several albums and singles, among others.

As a trumpeter, he has worked under conductors such as Cristian Macelaru and Debora Waldman.

His meeting with the violinist Yury Revich marked a turning point in his career. He became one of his main collaborators. He orchestrated and arranged several of his pieces, including his symphony, which had its world premiere in London in June 2023, the piece Violet on his latest album, released on 5 March, or his song Unity for two violins, cello, piano and Japanese choir will have its world premiere in December 2023 in the legendary Musikverein in Vienna, Austria.

Baptiste is currently writing a concerto for violin, piano and orchestra dedicated to his friend Yury.