Singer Lorène Aldabra for "La symphonie de l'eau" (The symphony of water)

To mark World Water Day, Lorène Aldabra performed one of her best-known songs, "Jamais fiancés", for the first time on stage in Paris, as part of our "Symphony of Water" concert. Discover her story...

A multi-faceted artist, but above all a lyricist, Lorène began her career writing lyrics for others, mixing provocation with references from her own pantheon.

She won the Adecco prize in 2011 for her song "La Ballade d'Edgar Allan", then became laureate of the SACEM prize rewarding indie productions, for her first EP "The Glitter Manifesto" in 2014.

Lorene's obsession is to combine the lightness of Euro-pop anthems with the depth of intellectual and complex lyrics with multiple references.

She pays tribute to her literary idols: Jean Genet, Georges Bataille, Guillaume Apollinaire and Marguerite Yourcenar to name but a few.

It also clashes with more iconoclastic references such as manga culture and Swedish Euro-dance.

But the mix works!

Bravado, his new opus, is all about panache.

Fear and despair masked by pride and modesty of feeling. Fear of feelings, perhaps?

He's the captain of a ghostly ship who chooses to fight with his weapons of choice: verve and wit. It's Cyrano matine of Harlock and Akira. It's a declaration of allegiance and belonging. It's a self-declaration of love, making peace with yourself in order to make peace with your soul mate.

He takes us on a journey in the footsteps of Dante's Divine Comedy, through a dark, futuristic Inferno on his first EP, 'Inferno'.

Like its predecessor, it will be a polymorphous, sprawling electro-pop-rock triptych, with occasional acoustic accents.

The first single " Never Engageda ballad accompanied by piano and string quartet that is as unexpected as it is moving, will be released in October 2019.

The project's first EP: "Bravado - Inferno" is completed in March 2020

Despite being used to creating multi-faceted shows combining dance, costumes and video projections, Lorène had to come up with a new way of presenting "Bravado - Inferno" live. The EP's first showcase took place at the prestigious club Le Sacré.

Broadcast as a livestream, the performance was unprecedented, and got a lot of people involved.

The replay is available on YouTube