Isabelle Zutter

I am from the south, permeable to light. It is my accomplice. I like to flirt with colours, to seduce them. I like the cry of the sea, the voluptuousness of the beach, the whisper of a glass of wine in the corner of the day, the velvet of shared desire, snuggling up in the hollow of a dream to prolong its intimacy, the moment of pose and capturing its softness, the curves of chance that lead to the essential. These moments of grace reflect a certain form of freedom that is dear to me.

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The free woman wants to become...herself. To do this, she takes up space: from others who judge her but are indifferent to her, from conventions that she encroaches upon. A banality? Yet even the rebellious spirit is not immune to being caught up in what society tells her to become. My work speaks of these thirty-somethings of 2016, of which I am a part, who nourish this new obsession: to connect to one's true nature in order to find one's own identity space, one's own freedom.

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Ariele Rozowy

Through the motif of the stripe, I am experimenting with the possibilities of installing coloured bars that seem to denounce the golden prison of modern women, who are a priori free but whose creativity is often hemmed in by social constraints or beauty standards. Shadows are central to my work. They tend to blur the border between reality and perception: here the play of two superimposed planes revalorizes the empty space essential to the contemporary woman.

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Carole Benichou

There are no free women, only women who dare to transgress taboos. They step out of their social convictions to gain independence and lead a life according to their convictions. Famous women have inspired me in my artistic approach, both by their emancipation and by their freedom of thought and action. Texts and materials are combined in my work. Work sets a woman free and my art is my freedom.

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Charlotte Barrault

I have chosen to represent in their universe women of my entourage whose life path or expression are guided only by this intimate conviction that they protect their impulse of freedom. Free to weigh, free to create, free of their bodies and their movements, neither prejudice nor social constraints hinder their choices. They will carry out their passion and their wills, realising their greatest dreams.

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Cecile Jaeger

To have the choice without being under influence. I do not live outside of time and the events that affect the world permeate me, but I have chosen here an optimistic vision of the free woman. You need space, a view that allows you to step back and contemplate, and from contemplation comes emotion. You also need books, music... this is the family you choose for yourself. In the group that was formed, each one chose to be reborn to herself through her artistic activity.

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Carole Melmoux

Several looks....Men and women...all of them, one towards the other, the u, against the other, then one without the other and one for the other, together always, links in resonance... in freedom... Discovering each other in silence, getting a little closer through colours, shapes and lines. A never-ending path where we lose ourselves in order to find a little more of this nature... in paintings like a diary... like a mirror of interlacing.

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Sophie Delusseau

I like to imagine that my characters are always ready to step out of the frame. My line liberates the details so that only the essential remains... I make the body elastic, jubilant and powerful, even in the most dramatic moments of its condition. My colour touches and slightly disturbs the intention of the idea, barely embodying it. My line directs, organizes the movement, the speed of execution suggests the weight, revives the energy, animates the figures.

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Corine Lucas

How do I see today's woman? I see a woman in search of physical and intellectual freedom: free to move around the world, to think and act as she wishes. I like to associate the word freedom with happiness. Sometimes we look for it so far away, this freedom, when it is right beside us. It is this feeling that I wanted to translate in my paintings: women from Africa, India, South America... who move forward in life, naturally, free, confident, happy.

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Sophie Simonet

The body of the woman, dressed, decorated, is a theatre that stages fashions, religions and addictions such as drugs, alcohol... The look, often, detaches itself from these stagings to transmit its sincere emotion. It reflects the soul that inhabits this body. In the women I present for this exhibition, I have sought the contrast between the depth of their souls in their moved looks, and the superficiality of their finery which, in excess, become their shackles.

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